Alessandra Lupo Franchi - Publisher - Italy

After classical studies at Italy’s “liceo classico”, Alessandra received her degree in 1980 as a Chemical Engineer at the Politecnico of Torino. She subsequently worked in the cement industry and factories, where she specialised in supervising and optimizing cement rotary kilns: she is very proud to have been the first woman in Europe in this field!

She is married to Sergio Franchi and they have a son and a daughter, both living in London, and a grandson. She and her husband live in a small town in Piemonte nestled at the foot of Alps. In a complete change of life she now dedicates her time to the safeguard of nature and wildlife, searching for a lifestyle that is both natural and respectful of the environment. As such she is in the board of the Gruppo Cinofilo Novarese e del Sesia, regional branch of the Italian Kennel Club, where she organises retriever trainings, working tests and field trials.

Alessandra and her husband discovered Golden Retrievers in 1997 and since then a great part of their heart and life is connected to reading and learning about dogs, training and competing, and meeting friends all over Europe with the same passion. In her kennel Hillshire she recently made up her third French Field Trial Champion. In addition to her activities on the Continent, for the past two years she has served as Captain for Team Italy at the Kennel Club’s International Retriever Team Competition in Chatsworth, Derbyshire.